Wait, so the food arrives chilled?

We work with our partner restaurants to create recipes that travel well and reheat beautifully. Your meals are freshly cooked in their kitchen and chilled to 38°F so they last 3-4 days in the fridge.

Most meals can be reheated with a microwave. For certain items, the restaurant will provide additional instructions, such as boiling or baking, to help you achieve the optimal texture and flavor at home.

How much is your service fee?

Net-net, 14-16% on the price of your food. But we don’t charge sales tax (a whopping ~9% savings). So you’re essentially paying a modest 8% in fees.

If your address is more than 30 miles from SF, up on the mountains, or require a bridge toll, you'll also see a surcharge of $2-4 per delivery.

When is the delivery window?

We currently deliver between 1-6 PM. Enter your ZIP code on the Menu page to see your neighborhood's delivery days and specific time window.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes! Most items can be cancelled before 4pm the day prior. You can do it from your Profile page. We'll issue a refund immediately. However, some restaurants close orders early, and their items cannot be cancelled after their order close time.

When is the order cutoff time?

5pm the day prior to your delivery day. Some restaurants close their order early so it's best to plan ahead and order for the whole week by Sunday noon.

What do I do with used boxes & bottled water?

Give them to our drivers so we can re-use them! In order to keep your food cold, we place frozen bottled water in your order to absorb ambient heat. To help us re-use them, simply place unopened bottled water in a Bentocart box and leave them outside your door or lobby on your next delivery day. Our driver will pick them up and bring them back to our facility.

We have procedures in place to ensure the re-use does not spread COVID-19 pathogens.

Where is my driver?

We’ll send you a GPS tracking link on the day of delivery. You’ll see the driver’s real-time location and ETA.

I can’t be home during my delivery window, what do I do?

Please email us instructions on where to leave your order. We can also deliver it to a different person and address, provided it’s in the same ZIP code.

I didn’t get the receipt email. What happened?

Most of the time the email got filtered to your Spam or Promotion folder. Please mark our emails as Not Spam so we can keep you posted on your orders.

The other common cause is typo. Check your profile to make sure we have the right email address on file. If you still don't see it, the order likely didn’t go through. Please make sure to complete the entire checkout flow.

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