Kagawa-Ya Udon

Hearty Fresh Made Udon inspired by Kagawa Prefecture.
Spicy Soy Vegan Paitan Udon
Soy Milk Based Vegetarian Broth with mochi stuffed soybean skin, wood ear mushrooms, green onions, sweet corn, black garlic oil and habanero miso paste
BOBA Classic Milk Tea with Konjac Jelly
BOBA Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Konjac Jelly
Curry Udon with Chicken
Curry and Dashi Broth, Caramelized Sweet Onions, Curry Marinated Chicken, Green Onions, Pickled Radish
Tonkotsu-Dashi Udon
Pork Bone Broth with Dashi, Sliced Chashu Pork, Bean Sprouts, Green Onions, Sweet Corn, Spicy Crispy Shallots, and Black Garlic Oil
Kitsune Udon
Hot dashi broth (smoked tuna based), sweet soybean skin, wakame seaweed, green onions, and tempura crunch.
Niku Udon
Soy Braised Sliced Beef with Sweet Onions, Green Onions, Ginger, and Toasted Sesame Seeds.
Spicy Beef Tan Tan Udon
Spicy Miso-Sesame Broth with Ground Beef, Green Onions, Bean Sprouts, Cilantro, Toasted Sesame Seeds & Chili Oil.
Cold Udon
Cold dashi (smoked tuna base) broth, soft boiled egg, daikon, ginger, lemon wedge, nori, bonito flakes, green onions & tempura crunch
Rice Bowl & Sides
Beef Rice Bowl
Sliced Soy Braised Beef with Gyu-Don Sauce, Pickled Ginger, Green Onions, Toasted Sesame Seeds & a Soft Boiled Egg
Extra Full Portion of Udon
Soft Boiled Eggs
2 Fully Cooked Sous-Vide Eggs
House Dashi Broth (18oz)
Broth made from Kombu, Smoked Tuna, Mackerel & Flyfish
Tonkotsu-Dashi Broth (18oz)
House Dashi blended with Pork Bone Broth
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